CINDY REILLY, a musical version of Cinderella, music by Ellen Mandel, book and lyrics by Kaikkonen and Swartz, was a smash hit at the Peterborough Players (NH): "Cindy Reilly has all the quality of a Broadway musical...a brilliant update of the old classic...THE MUSICAL NUMBERS ARE ASTOUNDING, WITH THE MUSIC WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY ELLEN MANDEL. Claire Philippe's voice is incredible as she sings her opening theme, "To Fly," and closes with "Find Your Own Voice." The song "Front Desk," performed by Philippe and Darnell Benjamin, could have been heard on any Broadway stage. Elizabeth Hallacy, as Mrs Scrubb, sings a hilarious and literally show-stopping symphony of a spell "Alacazabra."...CINDY REILLY IS A HIT.

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